Our Invitation to Enter Ourselves

Marguerite Johnson

“It is not my business to seek enlightenment or holiness … Mine only to delight in the song of the bird and be attentive to the rhythmic beating of the earth.” Edwina Gately

​I love to play! I love to dance! I love to dig in Earth’s holy soil.

I’ve been honored to live the mystery of life and death, pain and joy, grief and loss as a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and mentor. As a Spiritual Director, I support my clients through the Art of Soulwork to access one’s inner guidance .. to live a life of deep knowingness and joy through the exploration of inner wisdom, spiritual practices, and rituals. ​

I am passionate about supporting parents who have experienced a loss through the support group, Mending Babyloss. I offer retreats on grief and loss, and I am honored to be a Hospice volunteer.

I am also passionate about the Stillpoint Community, where mystery and grace unfold abundantly!

I can be contacted regarding Spiritual Direction or Soulwork at 360-201-8734 or mysacredstory@gmail.com.