Our Invitation to Enter Ourselves

Denise Plaisier

“You are utterly precious in your fragility, and nothing less than Love has the power to name you are.”  Those words from James Finley shot through my heart like an arrow back in 2013 while sitting in a session at Living School.  Through the years, this wisdom has surfaced repeatedly in my conscious memory and awareness.  Like many of you reading this website, my journey of awakening to Divine Love is taking a circuitous route: through times of depression, doubt, feeling lost and then lightened by the awe of Presence.

There is a depth of Love and Connection that my truest, deepest self already knows.  My heart follows this call like a homing device.  This leading shows up on a day-to-day basis in so many ways:  a practice of authentic devotion, communing with soul companions and Creation’s Beauty, sitting at the feet of my teachers, being witness to the healing of others through my work as a health care provider, to name a few.  I’m learning to be faithful to a life of surrender of living on my own terms and “dying before I die.”  Perhaps you know the tug of this deep call to something More.

Wherever we find ourselves on the journey, it helps to not do this walk alone.  The community of Stillpoint has been a sustaining presence where my heart has broken open many times over for greater Love to enter and expand.  As a Discernment Team member since 2015, it has been my honor to help create an environment of hospitality and acceptance for those who are on a similar journey.   My Guiding Light has become, to paraphrase Ram Dass, “How may I help walk you home?”  Come, walk with us.