Denise Plaisier

“You are utterly precious in your fragility, and nothing less than Love has the power to name who you are.”  Those words from James Finley shot through my heart like an arrow back in 2013 while sitting in a session at Living School.  Through the years, this wisdom has surfaced repeatedly in my conscious memory and awareness.  Like many of you reading this website, my journey of awakening to Divine Love is taking a circuitous route: through times of depression, doubt, feeling lost and then lightened by the awe of Presence.   Read More

Linda Conroy

Deeply influenced by the Christian mystical tradition, my spirituality centers around experiences of being known and held in the Mystery of Unconditional Love and Mercy. Franciscan, Ignatian, and Celtic spirituality have fostered my desire to “see”  how all of life and all forms of life are interconnected and revelatory of Indwelling Presence.

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Marguerite Johnson

​I love to play! I love to dance! I love to dig in Earth’s holy soil.

I’ve been honored to live the mystery of life and death, pain and joy, grief and loss as a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and mentor. As a Spiritual Director, I support my clients through the Art of Soulwork to access one’s inner guidance .. to live a life of deep knowingness and joy through the exploration of inner wisdom, spiritual practices, and rituals. ​

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Peggy Allen

“This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. Welcome and entertain them all!” Rumi

Today the guest is a garden, rich in fragrance and blossom, a riot of color and texture, calling me to admire, tend, dream, plant, and just gaze upon. Some days, the guest is a tender-hearted friend who needs to be listened to as we walk the woods, moving ever more faithfully into a sacred relationship. Not long ago, the guest was fear disguised as criticism and disdain.  Opening the door, I felt the relief of returning from exile and separation. Yesterday the arrival was my heart which overflowed under the gaze of mercy and love from allies on this Beloved  Earth. Who is arriving at your beautiful house today, and in what way can they be gathered in ever more lovingly and completely?  Read More

The Mother Tree 

Born from a seed dropped by the wind or maybe a passing bird, I took root with no real idea of how I would become the tree I am today. I grew slowly, but without others nearby, the sun and I  developed such a bond that we are still reaching for each other’s arms. Year after year and layer after layer, my trunk has taken shape. Limbs stretch in all directions, and the number of cones I drop is a miracle to behold! Even my name has changed over time, from Cathedral  Tree to Mother Tree. This makes me smile, although what I am called cannot describe my true nature any more than it can yours. What I love is the feel of feet circling around underneath my boughs. As I am swaying in the air or standing quietly in silence, I know that my beauty and presence give others life. I can feel this energy flowing, and in fact, there is no stopping it, no matter what form I take next. I will always be my true self, once a stately Douglas Fir, but always me.