We Gave Ourselves a Makeover!

Stillpoint at Beckside is no longer available to you if you type stillpointatbeckside.com.

We decided to go for a new website look and improve how we share things with our community. So we changed the domain name (the name that you type in your browser) from the above name to:


Be Careful with Your Cache

Your computer or phone has learned your habits and automatically will load the old website name, which will take you to a “404” page – which means – “oops, there is nothing here to look at.”

To ensure you find us every time, we recommend that you take the following steps:

  1. Google your directions on how to clean your “cache,” – which removes your browsing history for the last day or week, and then type in the new address, so you give your computer memory something new to remember. (It’s a good idea to do this for your security once a month. (Here is a helpful link.)
  2. OR, and probably the easiest if you are not so “tech comfy,” simply type the new website name correctly for a few visits, and you will give your computer the heads up that something new has happened.

It’s really quite easy to remember: We are the exact same address except the .com turned into a more suitable non-profit, .org

Whatever you do – Find us!

We don’t want you to miss a thing! 

  1. Our renewed and improved Cabin houses the Day Retreat Room and the NEW Sanctuary
  2. Our Centering Prayer meeting is happening on-site and in person.
  3. And our fall upcoming offering of Group Spiritual Direction.

We have a sense of being graced with newness, freshness, and the privilege of trusting.

Thank you for being a part of the Stillpoint at Beckside community!